<%@ language="jscript"%> 2003 'Shoes for Kids - Rules

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- Games in the first round will be to "7" - and the winner must win by 2.

- Games in the second and later rounds will most likely be expanded to "11" (time permitting).

- It is up to each team to decide who 'pitches' first. Players then take turns alternating throws.
- Men may only throw from the further back boxes, while women have the option to throw from either the closer or further back boxes.
- Opponents may call 'foot faults' if they choose however the first 'infraction' serves as a warning while later 'infractions' result in the loss of the throw.
- Scoring is as follows:
  • Ringer: 3 points
  • Leaner: 2 points
  • within a horseshoe's width: 1 point

- The team with the most points for a round scores cumulative points. For example, if you have a ringer & another shoe within one length and your teammate has a leaner and nothing else, the first team would score 4 points while the later team scores none.

- A 'Leaner' counts whether it is leaning or actually touching. It MUST be physically touching though.
- In the event of a 'double ringer' - the team scores 6 points. If there is a triple ringer - the team with the ringer advantage only scores 3 points.

- In the event of a tie score for the round no points are scored.

- Any disputes should be arbitrated by an agreed upon 3rd party chosen by both teams.
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