In order to accommodate the 32 team event with a consolation round, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you arrive by 11AM sharp if you are playing. This will ensure that everyone is able to play in at least 2 games. One we go over 32 teams any additional signup's will be added to the wait list and have the opportunity to take slots of teams that fail to show.
With last year's event in mind, once again we will be providing a (hopefully & likely) sunny mellow afternoon of music, BBQ, beers & horseshoes. Thanks to our generous sponsors, a variety of grilled foods and Marin Brewing Co. Beers will be on tap. Please bring your dog, kids, blankets, lawn chairs, frisbees or anything else you would typically bring to the park.
Live music will once again be provided - come enjoy the following:

With original songwriting, off-beat covers, and forays into bluegrass and jazz, Strung translates pop sensibilities into an acoustic realm. The band features the rich style and seductive nuance of Jodi Hopkins' strong vocal lead, backed by Laura Fichtenberg's cultured vocal harmonic sweetening, the country swing of Pam Hockert's texas fiddle, and the well-textured rhythmic medium of the long-standing guitar duo The Love Brothers, Fayvor and Nolan. The resulting brand of americana can't be shrink-wrapped or freeze-dried. It's got to be experienced live.

Sean Hayes & Friends
Sean Hayes plays Appalachian Ambient Folk Hop like an Irish Rooster channeling Nick Drake.All night till sunrise music...see for more details

Samantha Stollenwerck
Samantha Stollenwerck (formally Shady Lady) is a soulful and sassy singer-songwriter who will rock you with her bluesy acoustic funk. See for more details.